“One of the reasons I got into the wine industry was to change the common misconception of wine as pretentious. I didn’t grow up knowing what wine is. Wine was perceived in this really uppity kind of way and I wanted to be a part of showing that it’s not that—of respecting what goes into making one simple bottle of wine.”

—Dwyane Wade, Food & Wine, March 2021

“He wanted to be sure that no one was ever turned away from wine. He developed the Three by Wade line and released a Cabernet Sauvignon sourced from vineyards across Oakville, St. Helena, and Napa, that retails for $40 per bottle.”

—Erin Kirschenmann, Wine Business Monthly, March 2021

“You don’t want to take away the elegance, the cachet of the wine industry, because that’s why we want to be in it. But you know, we do have to find a way to meet people where they’re at, and we’re not doing that right now in the wine space.”

—Dwyane Wade, San Francisco Chronicle, October 2021