About this Wine

The Vineyard

In 1970, after purchasing the ranch for which Oak Knoll District was named, the Lamoreaux family decided to return the property to its viticultural roots from the 1850s by the founder of Oak Knoll, Joseph Osbourne. They planted their first vineyard with the help of Justin Meyer of Christian Brothers, who later founded famed Silver Oak. Today, Oak Knoll Ranch’s 100 pristine acres of vineyard flourish, honoring the estate’s historic pioneering spirit. We are honored to make wine from this vineyard’s historic fruit.

Inspiration & Winemaking

Spring arrived early and warm, kickstarting the growing season with bud break, flowering, and veraison ahead of schedule. Consequently, the 2021 harvest commenced remarkably early. The summer of 2021 stood out for its absence of significant heat spikes, with level and constant temperatures during the day and moderately cooler temperatures at night. This created some of the most ideal conditions for our Cabernet Sauvignon. Our desire to preserve the exemplary conditions this vintage gave to us led to a minimal approach in the winemaking.


This vibrant wine showcases a luscious ripe purple fruit, imparting an elegant violet hue. It delights the senses with notes of currant, blackberry, licorice, cedar, and a touch of spice. A stunningly rich Cabernet Sauvignon, it culminates in a velvety finish that lingers beautifully.